Our Property Development Process

How we build futures from property​

With almost two decades spent acquiring, advising and building superior property developments and wealth for our clients, we have simplified the process.

We manage our client’s entire development process, or just specific stages, presenting fantastic opportunities whilst saving them time, effort and costly mistakes.

Stage One - Site Acquisition & Negotiation & Potential Assessment

HPS are specialists at strategic on and off-market acquisitions, presenting our clients with a pipeline of quality development opportunities suited to their needs and requirements.

Whether you're looking to build your property portfolio or want to understand more about a property you currently own, HPS is positioned with the experience, processes and connections. HPS is skilled at conducting early due diligence, allowing you to walk away from Stage One with an understanding of the opportunity, high-level constraints and what needs to happen next.

Stage Two - Feasibility & Development Strategy

Here, we aim to understand the project feasibility before you decide to start investing heavily. Our team will take you through early concepts for your development and we’ll provide you with an understanding of the development feasibility, costs and constraints as well as developing your overall development strategy. By the end of this stage, we aim to have a full vision of your project and any council requirements well understood and mitigated. You will also benefit from our extensive experience, relationships and in-depth knowledge of the development sector.

Stage Three - Contracts & Agreements

Stage Three will see you confidently enter into any necessary land acquisitions and consultancy agreements. HPS are skilled negotiators and will act in your best interest. From our side, we’ll draw up a Development Management Agreement to keep project accountability in check. It will cover our overall strategy, project assessment, programs, and the adoption of feasibility.

Stage Four - Development Management, Construction & Handover

The last step before you can leave it with us. We have done all the hard work in the lead up, now it is time for us to bring the project to life. We will have the team, knowledge, processes and connections to deliver a quality development for you.

Talk to our experts today to see where we can help add value to your property goals