Property Advisory

The knowledge and experience to make the big ticket investment decisions

We understand the importance of conducting early due diligence, as well as establishing and following a well-considered development strategy across each stage of your project.  

Atrio helps landowners, developers, and investors in the initial stages of a project to obtain independent advice before securing or investing too heavily in a project. 

Whether you’re looking for assistance for one aspect or all elements of the development management cycle, we’re here to provide the right solutions and advice for your needs.

What we do

Atrio explores the development potential of sites, considering the opportunities and risks to present you with the options and concepts that will make best use of the property and maximise the value of your investment.
Combining our expertise with our industry network we produce a full vision for each stage of your project, outlining the requirements and timeframes to meet each milestone.
Atrio are also experts in development approval pathways and negotiating with governing bodies on your behalf, making us your ideal partners for the management of development applications.
Our investor and developer clients, broader industry network as well as our subsidiary companies actively pursue projects to meet their pipelines. This could see a range of funding structures or exit strategies open to assist you in meeting your project goals and mitigate risks via joint ventures, funding options, and potential buyouts of your project.

Atrio excels in providing clients with a range of key property advisory services:

Our team are both passionate and innovative in their approach to conceiving projects. We pride ourselves in finding and acquiring projects that others can’t. 

Jenna Spurling
General Manager - Operations, Atrio

Property Advisory FAQs

We’ve answered some commonly asked questions about advisory services in property development and management. 

At Atrio, we provide a comprehensive property advisory service. This includes assistance with development strategies, project feasibility studies, due diligence reports and more. We can also provide guidance on government incentives and regulations, as well as advice on how to maximise your property’s potential. Our team has a wealth of experience in the property industry, so we’re well-placed to advise you on all aspects of your property purchase or sale.

We have the knowledge and experience needed to produce comprehensive property development strategies. This may include feasibility studies, market analysis, project planning and more. We’ll work with you to understand your goals and objectives, and then develop a tailored strategy that meets your needs.

A due diligence report is an important document that provides information about a property. When in the context of property, due diligence will be a collation of information available on a property to inform a detailed feasibility study. It will often include elements such as title searches, discipline reports (e.g. town planning or civil contractor information) market analysis, feasibility, program and budget. Due diligence reports can be used when buying or selling a property, and can help to ensure that you’re fully informed about the project before making further decisions on a property (e.g. prior to settlement).

In order to undertake comprehensive due diligence on a property, it’s important to understand what you’re looking for. An experienced team such as the one at Atrio knows how to look for both potential problems and the positives of a property. We can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your purchase.