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Why Your First Port Of Call Should Be A Property Development Manager For Your Next Project

Property Development can often be a high-risk, high-reward game. When things don’t go to plan, a project that initially seemed great can take a turn for the worse…quickly. As the first port of call, it may make sense to talk to a town planner or architect. We believe that talking to an experienced and reputable Development Manager before anyone else can ensure that you’re well equipped on your road to development success. Here are a few reasons why:
  1. A Developer’s Mindset – Are you a sophisticated investor, novice, or somewhere in between? Perhaps you’re time-poor or not great in the detail? An experienced Development Manager will keep their attention across the entire project utilising their developer’s mindset rather than focusing on one technical component or key milestone. They are also experts in managing your entire project from start to finish (or somewhere in between) saving you time, money, and stress.
  2. An Effective Strategy – Before investing heavily, a Development Manager will be able to provide you detailed information on the preliminary feasibility of your project including the best options to develop the site, associated costs, required consultants, and timeframes. Taking into mind your objectives, they will develop a strategy across the full lifecycle of the project and introduce you to key players in the industry.
  3. Develop with Certainty – A Development Manager becomes your representation, ensuring your project can be as successful as possible. With so many decisions to make along the way, you’ll be regularly guided via evidence-based, accurate, and honest advice.
  4. Consultant Tendering & Management – Town Planner. Architect. Engineer. Electrical Engineer. Civil Contractor, Builder. The list goes on! Having the correct team of consultants working on your project can dramatically affect the quality of your build and your bottom line. Your Development Manager can brief, tender, engage and manage an effective consultant team on your behalf, ensuring that key milestones are met, and the project runs smoothly.
  5. Maximise Your ROI – A Development Manager might seem like an additional cost but will save you a great deal of time and money. With an in-depth understanding across all disciplines, you’ll have the confidence that your Development Manager is finding and maximising opportunities, staying one step ahead of the game, and keeping others in the team honest, reliable, and accountable.
  6. Safeguarding Your Investment – The success of a Development Manager will determine how successful you are. With this in mind, all aspects of your project need to be well managed including your project team, budget, program, and inherent risks communicated and mitigated. A Development Manager ensures your best interests are protected and that you’re well connected with the best of the best to maximise your investment.
  7. Single Point Of Contact– An effective Development Manager will be able to work across all stakeholders with ease. They will understand and challenge the technical advice received as well as monitor the progress of your project against your budget and bottom line. With regular reporting, in a way that you can understand, they will highlight key milestones and mitigate problems before they get out of hand.
So, when the time comes, think about what a Development Manager might be able to do for you. Perhaps they could be the best investment for your next property investment Atrio Property Solutions are experienced Development Managers based in Brisbane, Queensland. Our team is committed to supporting landowners, developers, investors, business owners, and real estates to realise the potential in property and draw the very most out of it. Head to for more information.

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