Homes for Queenslanders Summary

In February 2024, the Queensland Government released their full Homes for Queenslanders plan. This action plan will affect urban property development, subdivisions and housing availability across South East Queensland for many years to come. Below is a summary of the plan as outlined by the Queensland Government.

Link here to the full plan, which consists of five key pillars.  

Pillar one: Build more homes, faster 

  • A $350 million incentivised infill fund for eligible projects close to underutilised infrastructure.  
  • Ground-leasing trial on government-owned land in partnership with the private sector. 
  • Pilot program with industry to investigate various incentivised inclusionary planning models.  
  • Funding for Queensland’s construction workforce to train and secure construction workers to deliver more homes. 
  • A $12.5 million investment for strategic planning and planning scheme updates.  
  • The establishment of a State Facilitated Development team to streamline planning and infrastructure issues delaying new homes.  

Pillar two: Support Queensland Renters 

  • A $160 million Renters Relief Package.  
  • Consultation to introduce a rental sector code of conduct.  
  • The government will introduce a portable bond scheme that allows renters to transfer their bond when relocating from one rental property to another.  

Pillar three: Help first homeowners into the market 

  • A two-year  trial to support first home owners in regional Queensland by raising the income threshold of the Queensland Housing Finance Loan to $201,000 per year . 
  • Targeted home ownership support for First Nations Peoples aspiring to own a home.  
  • State and federal government will work together to get the Australian Government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme up and running, and available to aspring homeowners.  

Pillar four: Boost the government’s social housing Big Build 

  • Government providing $1.75 billion over the next five years to deliver 53,500 new social homes by 2046.  
  • The government will support select community housing providers to purchase homes exiting the National Rental Affordability Scheme.  
  • More support for Queensland’s community housing sector including the Indigenous community housing sector.  

Pillar five: Work towards ending homelessness 

  • A 20% increase for frontline homelessness services while the government review Queensland’s homelessness response.  
  • Extension of existing emergency accommodation support to individuals and couples.  
  • More housing pathways for young people experiencing homelessness. 

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